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RadioCut lets you listen to radio programs from hours or days ago. Also you can create cuts, describing segments of these programs to share with other users.

RadioCut is another way to listen to the radio and share it.


Search the radio you want to listen. Then, you can indicate the exact time and date you want to listen to. It's like a time machine!


If you like a part of a radio show, you can make an audio cut. Just mark the beginning and the end and enter a description.


The audio cuts make a big database of user-classified radio contents. Share those great audio clips with you friends!

How to use it

  • Choose the radio

    Click on the radio you want to listen to.

    There are hundreds of radio stations and we add new ones every day. On the home-page there are some, or you can search by name.

  • Listen

    Choose the date and time you want to listen to.

    You can navigate through the player or choose the exact date and time.

  • Cut

    Create cuts of memorable audio segments

    While you listen, you can click on the button Cut, to tag an interview, section, or whatever you want to highlight

  • Describe

    Complete the fields of the audio cut

    Assign a title, brief description and keywords so others can easily find your cut

  • Share

    On social networks

    You just created your audio cut! Now you can share it on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks. You can also embed it on your blog or website.